Thursday, December 21, 2006

Davie and I enjoyed a little photo shoot the other day. This is the outfit we blessed him in. My grandma knit the outfit for my brother when he was a baby. I am not really into the whole white tux thing so it seemed like an appropriate and meaningful thing for him to wear. The blessing day was so neat, but also a little stressfull. Dan was paged in to the hospital that morning and didn't make it home until ten minutes before sacrament meeting started. I wasn't sure we were going to make it.
The other photo I think is so cute because it makes him look even fatter. He is already trying to sit up by himself, but still not rolling over. I think he is too fat to roll over. He is only four months and weighs 17 lbs. More than Gracie did at a year old! He is such a happy little baby and I have to admit, at this point I really want another one. I am sure this will pass though as we go through a hard stage, so I will hold out a little longer. At least until we find out where we are going to live next year. Only one more month until the match date!

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