Monday, January 29, 2007

Match Day

I just wanted to share our news. Today was match day and Dan was accepted to an oral surgery program in New Haven, Connecticut. We are really excited to go there and I am looking forward to living on the East Coast for a change. We will be moving in July. It is nice to know where we are going and to be able to start making plans. I have been on pins and needles for the last few months.


Lauren said...

Congratulations! Connecticut is so beaurtiful. Adam interviewed at U Conn and brought me with him...I just loved it! You'll be close to Boston, New great!

LizzyP said...

Oh, my goodness! How did I miss this? This is wonderful! We love East Coast livin'. Google maps say that we'll be 2 hours and 42 minutes from you. And you'll be about the same distance to NYC as we are--about an hour. That is awesome. Hooray, hooray! When do you come out?

Jamie said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you. Goodbye Pacific, Hello Atlantic.