Sunday, March 18, 2007

My favorite things....

Ok, so I haven't blogged in a long time it feels like. We have been inundated with guests and will be for the next few weeks. It has, however, been wonderful to spend some time with family as we haven't seen them in a long while. So for this post I am going to put down my favorite things as I have been tagged to do so. I can't remember how many I was supposed to do, so we shall see how far I get before a child or spouse distracts me.

1. First and foremost I adore my little family. Dan, Grace and David are my world and hanging out doing just about anything with them is when you will find me at my very happiest.

2. Right now, of course, Hawaii is very high on the list of things that I love. This place is truly amazing. The people, the scenery and topography, the weather....the list could go on and on. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to live here.

3. Adult conversation is also high on my list. I love talking to my two-year-old, but I crave adult conversation. I especially love to talk about politics, books and world events. Perhaps this is why I think I want to go back to school so badly.

4. I love snuggling. I am with Lauren on this. Cuddling with the kids or with Dan on the couch helps me to feel that all is right with the world, at least for a few moments.

5. Books. My world would not be ok without books. I love the opportunity to learn about different people and places, slip into someone elses perspective, learn about new philosophies, or just escape. A day never passes where I haven't devoted a least a little time to reading. Dan bought me a great new reading lamp because my other one burned out. It is brighter than the last one...but, bless him, he never complains.

6. Rain. I miss the rain, as crazy as that sounds. I love the sound of rain. The excuse to stay inside. I love when it is cold outside and warm and safe inside.

7. Holidays. I love all holidays, but especially the little ones. I love the excuse to turn an ordinary February day into a celebration (groundhog day for those of you who are confused) and my personal favorite is May Day.

8. Finally, because I better get going, I love the "magic box" as we call the computer. What would I do without the internet! It knows everything. I need email, blogs, etc to stay in touch with everyone as we keep moving. And I love my new obsession, Wikipedia.


LizzyP said...

I love your list! Boy, are we lucky to have you Bradys coming our way next year so we can spend more time together. You guys are great.

LizzyP said...

Oh, and I wish we were one of the lucky people visiting you in Hawaii this weekend! I could do for a visit with old friends, not to mention a little sun and sand.

Gillespies said...

you have a great list...ditto to Liz, I wish we were visiting you in Hawaii too!! gray and rainy March isn't exactly sunny Hawaii!! grace and davie are so cute!