Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Goodbye Matt!

My sweet brother Matt left on his mission last week. We had so much fun spending time with him these last few weeks in Utah. He is going to serve in the Spain, Madrid mission. The exact same mission that Dan served in. They are both very excited about that.
My kids will miss Matt so much. He is the rare type of person who, when your kids are crying, does not give them back to you until they are happy again. I have never seen a guys his age so great with kids. He loves them and they love him. As Gracie likes to say, "He's a good uncle."
We love you Matt and are so proud of you!


Heather said...

Oh! Cute little Davey is changing so much already! Good luck to your brother and learning Espanol. Love your dress Heather!

catherine yeates said...

yeah!!! i am so glad that you found my blog. i am impressed that you guys are going through more school! the east coast will be fun, it has the best shopping!

well, you look great or course, and the kids are darling. i am glad that we can stay in touch this way.

Gillespie family said...

how is new haven? did you find a house? I think greg has decided against OS...talk about a roller coaster and 3 weeks of externship..sheesh. I am sure your brother will be a great elder!!

David and Kristin said...

That's awesome for your brother - I remember him as a somewhat "lost", shall we say, teenager. You look great, but I must say that I'm upset you were in Provo/Utah and didn't call me :)

Mel said...

Hello!!! You are missed terribly. Just this morning we were getting ready to go to playgroup and Connor was knocking at the door asking to go play with Gracie.

Can't wait to see pictures once you get settled.

stephanie said...

That is so hard to say goodbye to a sibling for 2 years- but wonderful for him !
You look darling... and David is so cute.