Sunday, August 19, 2007

New Bike and other random musings

I could'nt resist inculding this picture because I think it is hilarious. We took the kids to a park that had quite a steep slide. Well, Davie takes off and climbs to the top and throws himself down before we can catch up. He looks scared, but then he did it over and over again. The boy has no self-preservation instincts!
Here's a look at Davie's new love...Watermelon. He loves to hold up whatever he has and show it off...don't make the mistake of taking the item he is holding out to you. Despite what it looks like, he is only showing it to you and under no conditions does he want you to touch it.

So, despite the anxiousness I have felt as we wade through the many delays and pitfalls of house-buying, we are trying to enjoy New Haven and the precious days Dan has off. Grace has been begging for a bike since our days in Blakely. Having a bike in Honolulu would have been pretty impractical, so I promised her one in "the new house." Since her birthday is only a week away I have been scouring craigslist for a suitable bike. I found one and told her we were going to go and get a bike today. Little did I know she would have a caveat. "I want a princess one, not a boys one" she informs me. Where does she get this stuff? So here is Grace on her new bike oh so reluctantly wearing her helmet.
Any thoughts on the helmet wearing? I hate to battle with her when honestly she can barely move a centimeter per minute at this point. However, do I need to stand firm now for the future? It can be so hard sometimes to decide what is my motherly duty, and what is just not worth fighting over. Who knew 2 year olds were so dang stubborn! Where could she possibly have got that from? :)


Starley Family said...

I love that Grace had qualifiers for her new bike. That's awesome. Cute Davy. Katelyn will have so much fun hanging out with him. What a crazy tumble they can get into. Each showing their impressive treasures but immediate fury at the audacity that someone might take it from them. Love ya.

David and Kristin said...

Make her wear the helmet - by the time she can go fast enough for it to be a problem, she'll be used to wearing it. My parents have pictures of me as a 1 year old with a helmet on, so they started pretty early, and I never had an issue, that I remember, about wearing it.

Gillespie family said...

love the princess bike...I wish I knew more about the helmet thing, but it is probably a good idea to start right from the get-go. happy birthday to grace!

stephanie said...

Well... sounds like Grace is a lot like Evy! Funny story about the princess bike. Evy adores princesses as well. Yeah- I think I'd make her wear it, just to avoid future problems. I'm no expert, but that's probably what I'd do. Good luck with the house hunting!

julie said...

That picture of Davie's hair is awesome!! LOL! It's really funny how much kids pick up on ate any age really. It's almost like they're undercover cops or something.

Nancy said...

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Nancy Godfrey