Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Trip to New York and other random thoughts...

We like to call this David's Ralphie picture. He hates being bundled up (Hawaii boy through and through) he actually cries when he sees me holding his coat. He was a good sport on Saturday though, and he looked so cute. Poor kid, when he tries to walk he really does fall down and can't get himself back up. I can't help but laugh at his predicament.
This is actually a picture from our Thanksgiving trip in Baltimore. I thought it was hilarious though. Dan would push the stroller and let it roll ahead of him and David would poke is head out the side like a puppy in a car. (Don't worry, he is buckled in.)
Here is Grace in front of her namesake building in New York. Despite the cold, she had so much fun that day. What a good girl.
Grace was able to meet Winnie the Pooh, and she ran right up and hugged him, which totally took me by surprise. She is currently in love with the new Pooh character Lumpy (the heffalump). She wanted to know where he was and I told her that maybe it was too cold outside for him. She informed me that he should just put on a coat and come out to play. We also saw Rudolph and Santa. She shook Rudolph's hand but wouldn't get within 20 feet of Santa. She informed me that she didn't like him and didn't have to. I told her no problem. I can see how Santa can be a little creepy to a kid.
Last Saturday we were able to spend the day in New York and meet up with our friends the Marstons. We had so much fun! It was a freezing cold day, but as you can see, we really bundled the kids up and made it through. It was great to spend some time with the Marstons, whom we haven't seen since Seattle, and so fun to see all of the iconic New York Christmas things.
So, this is the longest post ever. I have been tagged three times to list things you guys don't know about me, so I guess I will get on that. Here goes:
1. Around the holidays I get a little Martha-Stewart like. I don't know why, and I am so not like that at other times, but I get crazy. I want perfect meals, with homemade ingredients. I like everyone to be dressed up with candlelight dinners, and crafts...the whole works. I turn into a bit of a control freak. I can keep it under wraps pretty well, and Dan humors me. Basically I think he is intensly relieved that I am generally not the homemaking, crafty type, because apparently it makes me crazy.
2. For better or worse I now handle all of our bills and finances. I am the worst person for the job, but Dan is so busy that I have made myself do it. I can't say that I love doing it, but I know that it is so good for me to learn.
3. I went to a Barack Obama rally in Boston last month and loved it. While I am not sure just yet, he may indeed be my candidate of choice.
4. I am with Sara, in that I hate birds. There is something so creepy about them. I always have nightmares of birds and eyes and pecking...yuck!
5. Despite how amazingly klutzy I am, I have never broken anything. (I hope I didn't just jinx myself.)
6. I hate flying. I am a little bit terrified of the whole process. I love to travel, and so I make myself do it, but my imagination is always freaking me out the whole time.


Heather said...

New York, how fun to live on the East Coast. Love the Davie pictures!

Lindsay B. said...

I am glad that you guys are having so much fun out there! I would love to experience the New York Christmas scene.

Heather, I am soooo with you on the fear of flying. I love to travel and would go anywhere in the world, but I get the worst anxiety before a flight. My dad once told me that 95% of all airplane crashes occur within the first 30 seconds of taking off and the 30 seconds before landing. So now I have a ritual where I hold onto my arm rest (with the whitest knuckles this side of the Mississippi), close my eyes, say a prayer, and count to 30...extra slowly just to make sure. Then after my 30 seconds are up I relax and enjoy the flight. I am sure it is some sort of placebo effect, but it works for me :)

Darby said...

"Davy lay there like a slug. It was his only defense." Cute picture of the kids.

Gillespie family said...

I LOVE the ralphy picture of davy...that is truly classic. I am jealous you got to hang out with Marstons..NYC is so fun during the holidays...so glad you dislike birds like myself :)

jules said...

I loved reading this post!! I just spent two days baking and I never do that, so I'm with you on the Martha Stewart holiday obsession. And you have to check on my post about CROWS. Ugh! You look so good and I love the picture of your son peeking around the corner of the stroller. What a fun time in NY!