Sunday, February 24, 2008

Visit from Mammy!

Dan's mom (or Mammy to the kids)came to visit us last weekend. We had so much fun! Poor Dan was on call and spent three of the four nights she was there at the hospital, but we still had a great time. Every morning Grace would wake up and ask me if we had lost Mammy to the airport or if she was still there, then she would go down to her room and wake her up or climb into bed with her. They love watching movies and eating popcorn with her. We weren't extremely adventerous (it was cold!). But we did make it to Hartford to the Children's museum and out to lots of good restaurants. We even ate at the hospital cafeteria with Dan...yum. Now that she is gone Grace asks me everyday when she is coming back or when we are going to Utah. Thanks for coming was a much needed visit!


Jay and Jessica's Ashram said...

Dentists have to be on call? That sucks... when my wife was having the c-section I re-affirmed my decision that going to law school and staying away from anything involving bodily functions was the right decision.

Stephanie said...

Yeah... for visits from grandmas! Blake's parents are coming out soon as well. I'm so excited... Evy is too!
Glad Gracie had such a fun time. Looks like a sweet Valentine party as well. Cute cupcakes!