Sunday, June 22, 2008

Charlotte update

Here is an update on our little Charlotte. We do love her just as much as the other two...we just can't seem to get the camera out at all the right moments.

It's hard to believe that five short weeks ago she looked like this! Why is it that the five weeks fly by after they come out and five days crawl along while they are still in there?! Here I am waiting for Charlotte to come. She was six days late, and because of a slight deceleration in her heartbeat and my hyperthyroid condition they decided that it was time to evict her from her nice comfy home in the womb. I wanted to avoid pitocin if possible, so we started out by breaking my water. Here I am shortly after that. I sent Dan home to get my stuff, etc. and he made it back in time to hear the poor woman down the hall screaming "Get the #@$#@@ baby out!!!" Dan pops into the room, breathless and says "Darn, I was hoping that was you." Lest you think he is totally heartless, I have notoriously long labors, and he was really just hoping things had gone quickly for me. No such luck. I walked many laps in that little maternity hallway and had some labor, but not enough. So, I finally had the pitocin. After that, things moved pretty quickly. Four hours later I finally decided that I had had enough and I asked for the epidural. (I act like this was all done politely, but trust me, it was more like I begged for the epidural.) My midwife asked if I wanted to be checked first but I told her no, there was no way I was very far along in that short of a time period. After the epidural was administered, my pain level was still very intense. The anesthesiologist wanted to know how far dialted I was, as that could explain why it wasn't working. Sure enough, it was time to push. So push I did, and three contractions later, Charlotte entered the world. All in all, not a bad time for the epidural. At least I didn't have to deal with any of the after pains or stitching pain, etc. Charlotte had the cord around her neck, and that was a little scary, but they cut it off quickly and she was perfectly happy and alert. She started nursing right away, and it seems like she hasn't stopped since.

Here are my three cute kids and the reason my life is choas!

The above nursing blisters are proof of her constant glutony.

Here is the hind end of one of her beautiful smiles. She gives us such great smiles lately, but unfortunately, the camera distracts her and we are having a hard time catching it on film. Trust me though...her smiles are something else. There is nothing better than the sweet smile of a brand new baby.


Live everyday to its fullest said...

What a sweetie pie! She is DEF a Brady...she looks so much like the other two! I also can not wait to meet her and see you guys again! We were planning on going to Utah in Aug but it seems as if our month filled up faster than we we were thinking maybe Sept as well! Too funny...when are you guys goind? Maybe we can plan to head down at the same time! Let me know!

s & g said...

that smile is soooo adorable by the way, we can never get things on camera either..that always happens to us too!

Donna said...

She's beautiful! What a sweet heart. Sounds like your life is a bit like mine right now. :)

One of these days, post some pictures of your kitchen if you can.

LizzyP said...

Thatnks for all the details! YOu're doing so great, Heather, and your kids look happy! Congratulations on all your hard work.