Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Benefits of being a Resident

For all of you who raised your eyebrows at the above phrase, believe me I did too when it came spilling out of Dan's mouth the other day. While I believe it is safe to say that there are not too many benefits to having your husband in school for the duration of what feels like my entire life, Dan frequently tries to assure me that there are a few. While, I believe he mostly says this to assuage his guilt at putting us all throught this, he did take us to a fabulous party the other night courtesy of the hospital. It was held at a huge summer camp type place with beautiful grounds, delicious food, swimming pools, baseball fields, playgrounds, horses, etc.

Here is Grace showing off her much-anticipated body art.

The view from the two-tiered pool was wonderful. Connecticut really is so gorgeous. Gracie made lots of new friends while swimming. Apparently pediatricians are the only doctors with children, and the pool was full of them. It was the most relaxed I have ever been while the kids were swimming.

Dan and David playing there favorite water game.

Charlotte taking things in stride as usual.

Dan and the kids enjoying the feast. It really was a feast. There were appetizers of clams, nachos, cheese and crackers, veggies. Then steak, lobster, ribs, chicken, and lots of sides and a few fabulous desserts. After we ate a DJ came out and the kids hula-hooped and danced the night away. The hospital really does know how to put on a party. Is free lobster worth four years of hell? No, but we'll take it anyway.


Heather B said...

Man, I look at these pictures and can't believe those are your kids, I can't believe how much they've changed in...well, how long has it been?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE David's room, that is such a cool thing, and to win it at a talent auction, that's so cool.

Charlotte is so beautiful too, her eyes look gorgeous.

Mel said...

Said I would l post a memory of me with you. The zoo with the kids and Connor dressing up in Gracie's play clothes.

Starley Family said...

I love the lobster bibs!!!! How fun. Glad the are a few subtle perks.