Thursday, July 03, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

I decided to be adventurous and I took the three kids, with some friends, out to a farm to pick strawberries and raspberries. It was an extremely hot day, but the farm was gorgeous, and we had fun.

Grace was a good little helper at first. She would pick lots of berries "only the red, pretty ones" and put them in my basket. (David was more indiscriminate--it didn't really matter what color the berries were.)

Unfortunately, she saw Davie picking the berries for another purpose...his own little tummy. Once she caught on to the idea that she could eat the berries, she was no good to me. In fact, I had to spend half the time protecting my basket from the little poachers. How lazy can they be? Did they really need to take the ones I had already picked?

At this point we are all about ready to go home. Poor Charlotte was so hot all bundled up next to me. But isn't the view beautiful?

Here is Grace, hard at work filling her own belly.

David hasn't slowed down at this point either. I am thinking about being like the little red hen and not sharing any of my delicious jam with these lazy kids. I forgot to take pictures of the finished product, but I now have enough jam for the year and then some. (I gave in and shared with the kids, and they love it. Maybe next year they will actually put some of the berries in the basket.)


LizzyP said...

You're so awesome to actually make the jam! We eat our berries before I even have the chance to get started on the jam.

Lisa said...

Way to go going on an outting with your new baby! I made jam for the first time last month and it was so good - now I'm hooked!

Melissa said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love fresh berry jam-it's the best! Glad go see you're all doing well and enjoying your newest addition. Don't worry, I'm sure this time next year you'll be fending off three little poachers instead of two! :)

Starley Family said...

I wouldn't have shared any of the jam...but thats just me. Stacey wanted you to know that this is from your brother and does not necessarily represent the views of everyone in the Starley family.