Monday, August 25, 2008

My Davie turned TWO!

First of all, thank you for all of your sympathetic comments on my rant. I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who encounters annoying lunatics in the grocery store. I am seriously considering getting my groceries delivered (although that may be more from laziness than a desire to avoid human contact.)

Anyway, here is a belated post about my darling David. The pictures we took from his birthday were on Dan's work camera and so it has taken me a while to get them transferred over. Anyway, we had so much fun celebrating David's second birthday. We went to the zoo, barbecued, ate cake, and opened presents. Dan and I were talking and we both agree that we can't believe that David is two. Not because the time has gone by so fast, but because it just feels like David has always been with us. He is such an intregal part of our family unit. (Plus, he's huge and has been walking forever. Besides the fact that he doesn't talk much, most people thought he was turning three.)

We absolutely adore David! He is truly a joy. His zest for life is incredible, whether joyful or tearful, he does everything full tilt. He is a busy, happy, passionate little guy. He loves to show off and he is such a flirt. He loves nursery and always gives his teachers hugs and kisses and tells them he loves them. He is very affectionate and in love with his big sister. He thinks Charlotte is pretty great too. He doesn't seem to mind being surrounded by girls and I often find him in Grace's dress-ups. I have some great black-mail photos for later in life. He is just starting to talk more and the things he says crack me up. I fear the day he is able to start plotting with Grace against me. I know I am in for it :)

Here are some pictures from his birthday. We love you David Owen! Happy Birthday my little man.

Cooling off at the zoo.

Hard at work coloring at a zoo station.

Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa. Yes, the enthusiasm for clothes is not faked. He is a sharp-dressed man and he likes it.

He also loves balls and he has quite the arm.

His little tiger cake, which Gracie constantly reminded me was missing whiskers. Sorry.

Thanks to Grandpa, Grandma, Mammy for the great presents. He LOVED getting packages in the mail! He has been carrying around that popcorn bucket everywhere Marilynn!


Patty said...

Cute cake. Happy Birthday Davie. Love the pictures as always.

s g said...

I am loving that Davie is a sharp dressed man...what a cutie! I can't believe he is 2, and that tiger cake is awesome--even if it doesn't have whiskers.

your previous post was cracking me up, people are so dumb, I always get the comment (when I am prego), 'so you are due in like 2 weeks?' NO- its more like 2 months...but thanks for the bad guess!!

Lisa said...

happy birthday to david! I'm still laughing about your last post - people are so dang nervy! It's like when I went to babies-r-us a few days after having Maisey and some lady told me I was about 4 months along. I wanted to punch her!

LizzyP said...

Yay! I have to say, I love the twos. I know, everyone thinks they're terrible, and I'm not saying that they're challenging. I just love how their personality really begins to bloom at two. I feel like you get a hint of their true colors at one, but at two, boy, their preferences blossom! Have fun with your terrific two-year-old. What a cute-patootie.

Heather B said...

How cute that he loves clothes. He does seem older than two! I miss that little (and now so big) guy.

Amanda said...

I can't believe he's already 2! Where did the time go? He is sooo darling! Can't wait to see you all!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Happy Birthday Davie...I cant believe you are two already you cute little thing! Time sure does fly...that is exactly how long we have known you all!!!! CRAZYNESS!