Thursday, August 07, 2008

Twenty Years Ago

So, so many people have tagged me to do this post and I never do it...and since you all know I operate almost entirely by guilt, the pressure is getting to me. So in order to sleep better at night, here it goes :)

20 Years ago:
1. I was six years old (almost seven!)
2. Starting First Grade in Mrs. Sharp's class
3. I started walking to school with my big brother Nate.

10 Years ago:
1. I was about to turn Seventeen, which for some reason I had decided was the best age ever...I was sure that that was the pinaccle of life. (Not quite an adult, not a kid...something along those lines.)
2. I was a juior in high school and obsessed with friends, soccer, and sluffing. Cars give you freedom :)
3. Don't worry though...all that freedom didn't keep me from a 4.0

5 Years ago:
1. Dan and I had been married for two years and were living in Seattle where we were both going to school.
2. We went to Peru, Bolivia, and Italy. Apparrently my year for world travel.
3. I was about to get pregnant with Grace and change our lives forever!

3 Years ago:
1. Grace turned one and I graduated from college.
2. We were deciding where to go after dental school...interviewing in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
3. Taking Belly Dancing classes with my sister Holly.

1 Year ago:
1. Living in Hawaii and loving every minute of it.
2. Preparing for our big move to Connecticut.
3. Celebrated David's first birthday!

So far this year I:
1. Welcomed baby Charlotte to our family.
2. Re-modeled a house.
3. Survived one year of residency.

Yesterday I:
1. Hung out with my friend Heidi while our kids played.
2. Bought new running shoes...yaay!
3. Went running on my new shoes.

Today I:
1. Ran lots of errands with three kids (what was I thinking?)
2. Am getting ready to host cooking club at my house tonight (who are we kidding...Dan is the real chef.)
3. Tried to coax as many smiles out of Charlotte as possible...I just can't get enough!

And to add to this very long are some random pics of the kids.

I love this picture of my girls.

Dan and Grace at the Concert in the Park that is held every Wednesday at Bassett Park. It was so much fun.

Dan and Charlotte cuddling in the Bjorn. Her face is soooo relaxed.

Handcart at the ward Pioneer Day party


Jason and Laura said...

Heather!! It's Laura!!! Oh my gosh look at your cute kids! I saw you on Jay and Jess' blog. I'd love to see you are you coming to Utah anytime soon?

Starley Family said...

I love that you finally did this post. Way to go Heather. I like to hear all your fun details. Sorry you had to walk with Nate for so long...he has freakishly long legs. Love the photos of the kids in the handcart. That's really fun. So bummer that we didn't get a Happy Birthday Shoutout on Tuesday. We were thinking of Davy but Sarah came in that day and by the time I wanted to call it was 11:30pm your time. Anyway Happy 2nd kiddo! Maybe I can do a twofer on the 21st.

cat said...

love the fun facts about you. esp. the belly dancing - i did it too - so funny!
and i do love that picture of your girls together. they are so pretty and look so much alike.

Live everyday to its fullest said...

I LOVE that pic of the girls! Gracies hair is getting so long! I LOVE IT! How are you holding up with 3????? Looks like you guys have been having a fun summer! My parents are back East right now with my fam in NYC, Penn and all the church sights...wish I was there to see you!!!!

Kylie Walker said...

cute pictures heather! Isn't it amazing how fast life changes? Charlotte looks SO much like a Brady! You two produce beautiful children

Heather B said...

I didn't know you could belly dance! Cool! Cute pictures. Charlotte looks a lot like Gracie to me.

Supalinds said...

WHAT...have you and DAN been married for 7 years??? WOW.

New running shoes...that is possibly the most exciting thing that could happen in a day. What kind did you get, love it.

On the triathlon...tell me this, what distance - sprint, olympic? I am about to go into grave detail...i'm a nerd about this and will probably provide more details than necessary...disregard all or any of it!

My first advice would be to get comfy in the water. Learn how to swim, you don't have be great at it but learn how to get by without feeling incredibly uncomfortable. There is something about water that can send a soon-to-be-triathlete running for the hills - but in the end remember not to worry about the swim, it makes up less than 20% of the tri.

Don't worry so much about gear and transitions right now - we can chat about that as your race approaches.

First, get on a sched...put aside 4days a week that you are committed to train, with a light swim two of the days you run and bike. Triathletes are infamous for their double-a-day workouts.

Start out slow, build a foundation. This is called base phase. Imagine a want the bottom of the pyramid wide and sturdy. If you jump into too fast too hard you have no base in which to go from. So build the base. Go out for slow bikes and runs, if you are anything like me, in the beginining you will have one speed in the pool, that will change with time. Slow means a heartrate between 130-150, if you don't have a heartrate monitor you should be able to hold a conversation on all your workouts for the first little while. Focus on running 2 days a week between 45min and an hour...keep in mind, go slow and don't worry about distance - only time. Bike 2 days a week for at least an hour. Mix in a swim on 2 of those days when you can, or add an extra day.

After 4-6 weeks of low heartrate training you switch over to one endurance bike and run a week and incorporate speed and power work on the other workouts. When you get to this point let me know...i'll give you some good workouts.

Hope that helps.

April said...

Hi Heather, how are you? This is April Speechly. I found your blog through Stace. What a darling fam you have, I had no idea you had 3, how is it? We just found out we are having our 3rd, a surprise, but it will be good. COngrats on everything.