Saturday, September 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Gracie!

A few days before Grace's Birthday we had a party for her and David. Admittedly, most of the focus was on Grace, but because David didn't have a friends party I took the opportunity to invite a few kids his age as well. The theme was Pirate/Princess and so, as you can see from the cake below some things were princess, and some (like the boat) were pirate. The kids had a lot of fun and we were so glad so many of their friends could join them to celebrate.

When the kids first got there we decorated tiaras or pirate bandanas with glitter and jewels. I think David might have enjoyed this the most! He kept asking me to put more glitter on his tiara.

I set up the little pirate pool that Marilynn bought the kids for their birthday. Not everyone was brave enough to get in the cold water, but Grace and Kate sure had fun.

A little help from April to blow out the cake.

Here Grace, David, and Zaina make a train on the slide while enjoying their cake.

Opening presents. Always a good time when your a kid at a party.

So, my little Gracie is now four years old! She has a hard time remembering that and when ever anyone asks how old she is, she always looks at me to check first. It is kind of cute. She is so grown up in so many ways. She talks and talks, and says so many sophisticated things. I am often amazed at the way she is able to express complex emotions. She loves to mother David and Charlotte, and maybe to boss them around as well. She is a fabulous big sister. However, in other ways she is still my first little baby. She is such a cuddler. She loves to be held and snuggled. We love to read books together, play "talkin" (not my favorite game...or anyone elses' for that matter), go to the park, swim, play dress-ups, color, and be with friends. Grace can back talk with the best of them. I asked her to help me with something the other day and she looked at me and said, "Ummm, I'm tired, but maybe next time, ok?" What a lazy little thing! Mostly though, she is a great helper and a sweet little gal. We love, love, love you Grace and are thrilled to have you in our family.


Kevin and Ruby said...

Four!?!!! Wow! I remember when you had her. Time really does just fly. Cool cake.

Starley Family said...

Ahhh! She's such a doll! I love that her and Katelyn have twinner hairstyles these days. Ummm so I knew Dan was an artist but that should be an episode on Ace of Cakes. Way to go guys. Can't wait to see ya.

LizzyP said...

It's true--kids love that part of the party. Last year I thought the kids would love the games and the prizes or the cake and treats. Nope. They all just wanted a front-row seat to the present-opening, and then they wanted a chance to play with the present they gave Joshua. Kids are great.

cat said...

what cute pictures, what a fun mom!

seriously dan? you are pretty amazing, i too want a princess cake with my name on it!

and as for you miss heather. way to go on the race! you look fabulous!

Supalinds said...

Hey, I just saw your comment. Are you still in town? I would love to do lunch! Call me - 801-671-1018.