Saturday, November 08, 2008

Off to Neverland!

Halloween this year was lots of fun. (I always love Halloween.) Grace was given a tinkerbell costume from her Aunt Natalie for her birthday and so our theme was set. It was a beautiful costume and once accesorized with wings and a wand, she was set. David was thrilled to be "Petie Pan". The only hitch was that he was convinced he could fly. I was paranoid that we would end up at the ER due to David jumping off high things. Luckily we were spared that detour. My mom got into the plan while I was in Utah and helped me make a great Wendy costume. Thanks Mom! She also had a great night shirt that worked well for Dan's Jon costume. The hat and glasses I found were a bit iffy, but oh well. My favorite part was the Captain Hook costume for Charlotte. Something about that sweet baby dressed up as Captain Hook just made me laugh. She was such a great sport. I had the song in my head for weeks "Captain Hook, the world's most famous crook, Captain Hook." And now it is in my head again. Dangit. Anyway, here are the pictures I have been promising my Mom I would post. We are such dorks, but we have fun. Happy Belated Halloween everyone!

Getting ready for the party.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

The Neverland Crew.

Wendy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell


s g said...

wow...WAY impressed. You are the perfect Wendy and I love the fact that the entire family was involved all the way to captain hook. Your kids are so cute!! That Davie is going to break hearts with that smile:)

Natalie said...

What darling costumes!! I love that Charlotte was Captain Hook.

Kay aka Croppermom said...

You have a beautiful family. I love the pan theme. Stop by our blog sometime.

Starley Family said...

Yes I must say your costume skills astound guys! I just love it all.

Kevin and Ruby said...

How adorable!! You look like the real thing!

KristiAnn said...

I love your costumes and that you all did a theme. Way cute.