Sunday, January 18, 2009

Santa Train

A few days after Christmas we took the kids to Essex to the Essex Steam Train. David is in love with Thomas and all things trains these days, so this was a very big deal for him. The trains were very old but very nice inside. The inside was all lined with polished wood and brass and vaulted ceilings. It gave it a nice old-timey feel. I think the highlight for David was meeting the conductor and handing him the tickets. He really enjoyed that. The train also featured Rudolph, Santa, Mrs. Clause and Pablo the Penguin?!? An elf passed out little Rudolph stuffed animals to the kids and Christmas music played in the background. All in all a nice little adventure.

Grace is bending over because I kept telling her I needed to see her eyes. She never looks at the camera!

Watching for Santa Clause with Mrs. Clause

The girls with Santa. David wanted nothing to do with the jolly man in velvet.

The girls and I on the train. Whew...we made it.

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LizzyP said...

Pablo the Penguin? Funny! I love riding the train. David should plan to serve a mission in Europe so he can ride lots'o'trains.