Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas Day!

We stayed home for Christmas this year, and while we missed everyone so much, it was really nice to do our own family thing as well. It was the first relaxing Christmas we have had in a long time! Christmas morning we took our time opening presents and then we let the kids play for hours. They loved it! Our families were so generous and the kids were spoiled. Sorry for the deluge of pics. Grandmas need lots of pictures:) We had our traditional breakfast of matzoh meal latkes that my grandpa used to make. Then I was able to talk to both of my brother's on their missions in Spain and Peru! It was so wonderful to hear their voices and know that they are doing well. After that we had a delicious dinner at the Taylor's and then adjourned to our house for games and dessert with friends. Thanks everyone for the wonderful Christmas!

Christmas morning at last!

Some excited faces.

Stockings first.

The precious moments of the holidays....forced hugs.

Now that is excitement!


Starley Family said...

I love the forced hugs shot!!! Oh and did I mention you are the absolute BEST sister in the whole world???? Thanks for the tulips!!! They are my favorite!

Wendi and Eric said...

Oh the joy of Christmas on your own. Looks like we both pulled it off. Good Job! And I know you’re not a fan of snow. But love it just for a moment, for me. I am having sick withdrawals. Go figure.

The Fantastic Five said...

What great pictures! We missed you guys a ton. Is that a pink blanket that Davie is carrying? I love that he loves pink. What a man!

Amanda said...

So cute. I love your kids. I'm glad Christmas was a success!