Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bloggers Block

I totally have bloggers block lately, and not a whole lot to say. Or at least, not that I have the time or desire to articulate right now. Sorry:) But here are a few pictures because I was getting tired of looking at my last blog that was talking about Davie's poop. Thanks for all your suggestions by the way. We are trying a new bribe with dinosaurs...his latest obsession.

Valentine cookies.

Sugared up after her school Valentine Party.

Cool face paint from our "Night at the Peabody Museum" adventure.


Natalie said...

Happy Valentines Day. Sorry we didn't get our Valentines for the kids mailed in time. We had a busy week! I love the face painting.

Starley Family said...

Love the Butterfly face! Sweet Grace!
PS How do you do it all? I love your cookies!

Mammy said...

I absolutely love Davie's BIG smile with all the cookies around him - it looks like they did an awesome job of decorating them; and Gracie you look beautiful as a butterfly. I'm sure Charlotte is starting to notice all the treats around, it won't be long now for that little cutie to dig in also. Luv and miss you so much!

Lisa said...

Those cookies look good. I've been craving sugar cookies but can't get the will to make them myself!