Thursday, March 26, 2009

Visit from Grandma and Annie

A few weeks ago we were blessed with a fabulous visit from my Mom and my sister Anne. We were busy! And we had so much fun. There were trips to the Peabody, the aquarium, and a girl's day in New York; we ate delicious food, had some rousing games of balderdash and speed scrabble, and lot's of great late-night talks. Most of all, the kids just loved being with grandma and aunt Annie. When we took my mom to the airport David kept asking me, "Why did we take Grandma to the airport? I love her." Thanks so much for your wonderful visit. It was a much-needed break from our winter monotony. We miss you already.

Michael's birthday party. The best part about being a little brother is that you get to tag along to all the parties.

This was a party with a pony. Pretty cool.


Starley Family said...

That's one high class party! Who has EVER actually gotten a pony at their birthday party? I recall asking for one, but hey this mom delivers.

Lisa said...

So fun! that's great your fam got to go out and visit.

JoDee said...

Wow! You guys are keeping busy and it sounds like so much fun.