Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Haven Road Race

On Labor Day we ran in the New Haven Road Race. It is a really great race to be a part of. First of all, it is huge! Like 6,000 people running either a 5K or a 20K. After the race there is a big festival with food, music, and lots of fun toys for the kids. We ran the 5K this year, but have aspirations to do the 20K next year. Ok, honestly, the aspirations are more Dan's but I guess I will go along. We both took a jogging stroller and pushed the kids. They were good sports and had a lot of fun.




Mammy said...

Way to go!! I must say the kids look happier at the end of the race rather than the beginning - but cute all the same. I luv ya all and miss you terribly.

LizzyP said...

What a fun thing to do as a family! I love those community running events, too. And 20K--that's basically a HALF MARATHON! Do you want to come this way next year to run Baltimore with me? In a few weeks I'll be up in Hartford running their Half.