Saturday, September 05, 2009

David's Third Birthday

David had his third birthday while we were in Utah. I can't believe this little man is three already. Of course, everyone else keeps saying, three? I thought he was turning four. Yeah, David's kind of big, but he is so darn cute. For all of his wild antics, he is also so sweet and loving. He is always the first to hug and kiss, or tell me he loves me. He adores his sisters and is very protective of them. One time he even dumped a cup of gatorade on the head of a kid who was bugging Grace. Not behavior I condone, but I appreciated the sentiment. Whenever we pick up Grace from school, he would hold her book bag, admire her pictures, and tell her he was happy to see her. Davie loves to talk and has much to say about the world. He is active and mischevious, and often in trouble. But, he is also quick to say sorry. He loves to dress nicely and also likes shopping. I took him shopping for shoes and clothes for school and the whole time he kept saying. "Should we shop for mommy stuff too. Ooh, I think this dress would look pretty on you." He is my biggest fan when I do projects. He always thanks me and tells me how great things look. For example, I painted the shutters on our house a few months ago, and he still tells me how good they look every time we drive up to our house. I love you little man!

Thanks to friends and family we had a fabulous party in Utah for Davie. We missed Daddy, but it was fun to be with all of our "cousins" (as Davie calls everyone related to him.) And thanks to Holly for all the great pictures.

James, Katelyn, and David

Michelle, Wendell, Tyler and Grandma Grace


The kids eating dinner

Natalie and Marilynn

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