Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gracie Turns Five

My Gracie girl has finally turned five. This is a milestone she has been looking forward to, as it means she gets to start pre-school and sit in a booster seat! Two very exciting things. Gracie has been such an incredible blessing in our lives. It is weird to think back now to when it was just the three of us. I cherish that time, but I love to watch as she becomes such an incredible big sister. She is kind and nurturing, yet fiercely protective of her things. Kind of a hard balance to strike, but she is figuring it out. Grace is stubborn and strong, but also sweet and loving. I love watching her figure out just what kind of person she is going to be. She is beautiful, but has very little concern for that at this point in her life. She wishes I would never fix her hair or make her get dressed in clothes other than sweats. She wants to be comfortable and able to be as wild as she wants. She loves having alone time. She is extremely creative and imaginative. She may have inherited some of her daddy's artistic genes. Speaking of which, Dan told her she got his genes about something the other day and she said "What? I'm not wearing your jeans!" She is hilarious and so much fun. We love you Gracie Girl!

We were able to celebrate her birthday in Utah this summer as well, but Dan was with us this time. It was so much fun. She had a much-anticipated Fancy Nancy party and I think it was worth the wait.

With the Fancy butterfly cake Dan made.

Gracie, too, loves decorations, so I did my best.

Dan drew this poster for her...isn't it awesome?

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