Sunday, November 22, 2009


So yeah, it's almost Thanksgiving, but I have been busy, so don't judge me! Here are some pics from our ward Halloween party. We did a Wizard of Oz theme, but somehow neglected to get a picture of us all together. Oh well, here are our mug shots.

Dan and Grace


The two witches. The kids kept telling me Charlotte was the nice witch and I was the mean one. How is that different from every day life?

Our scarecrow who is a very good sport.

Our brave little cowardly lion.


s g said...

look at dorothy, what a cutie!! love all the family costumes :) good to see you blogging again and your adorable kids!

LizzyP said...

Just this year I was thinking "I wonder what theme the Brady's will come up with this year."

Mammy said...

Everyone looks so realistic - what a fun theme and adorable characters. Luv ya all!!

julie said...

fun outfits guys!!