Tuesday, December 22, 2009

12 days of Christmas

My family has done the 12 days of Christmas for us the last few years, and we love it! It spreads out the presents, so the kids can focus on them and enjoy them, and it helps us all feel a little less homesick when we can't be home for the holidays. Thanks Mom and Dad! We miss our families so much. The kids talk about Utah constantly. The want popcorn and movies with Mammy, and wrestling bouts with my dad and brothers. David told me the other day, "Our house is cute, but Grandma's house is beautiful! Let's go to Grandma's house." I'm not going to argue, Grandma's house is beautiful and I miss it too. Anyway, here are some of the days we've opened so far.

We tried to get a picture of Char in one of her new outfits, but she just wouldn't hold still. She sure looks cute though.

Fancy Nancy also got a new outfit and Grace couldn't be more thrilled. We have been having tea parties galore!

David has done this puzzle a hundred times already. He even sleeps with it. He loves puzzles and dinosaurs, so what could be better?

I love this picture. It captures sibling dynamics completely! Grace always in charge, Davie hanging on by the skin of his teeth, and Charlotte, well, it's hard to be the youngest sometimes.


ed and brooke said...

Love the second to last picture. So so funny.

April Hargan said...

So cute! I love the pictures. Merry Christmas!

LizzyP said...

What a fun, fun tradition. Love it.