Monday, March 22, 2010

Holy Blogfest Batman!

So I seem to only blog in spurts these days. School has been oh so overwhelming this semester, but we are surviving. My other excuse for my lack of blogposts is that right after Christmas my camera died. Lame, right? So I finally bought a 60 dollar one and hope it lasts me through residency. I hope to blog more frequently, but I will not be making any promises.
Lots has happened in the last few months. We had an awesome visit from Mammy and Natalie and kids over Valentine's day. We went to NY and played with cousins...and loved every minute of it. Maybe someday I will get ahold of Dan's camera and have proof. While here, Mammy spoiled the kids with an early birthday gift. Hence the awesome new bikes. Grace was in desperate need as her last bike was the one you see Char riding. Clearly she had outgrown it and the bruises on her knees were the proof! Mammy to the rescue! Thanks Marilynn, we had such a good time!
Dan went to Virginia for a week and we missed him greatly. We finally figured out how to use Skype though and that made talking to Dan at night a lot more fun for the kids. We are always so behind on technology.
Thanks for all of your advice on the reading lessons. They are coming along pretty well. We don't do it every day, but average three days a week. It would probably be better if I were more consistent, but oh well. I think they are still learning and having fun.
Below you will find A LOT of pics. All they way to Christmas I might add. So, if you are not a grandparent, don't feel obligated to look :)

Skyping with Dan and Jon while they are away in Virginia.

Cutest Leprauchan ever!

My lame attempt at french braids...I need lessons!

Davie biking.

Not quite ready to lose the training wheels!

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