Friday, September 17, 2010


Sorry I have abandoned my blog as of late. I have some great pictures and stories from this summer, but things are just too busy right now to get to it. One of these days I will get all caught up.

Things here are good. All sorts of adventures have been happening since I last blogged including but not limited too: Grace lost her first tooth (and a second soon after), we spent a large portion of the summer visiting family in Utah and had a marvelous time, everyone grew like crazy, we had a visit from some dear friends from Seattle, the Players, Dan started his last year of residency, we are all back in school, and fall is coming to New England!

Fall is always my favorite time of year. I always have a sense of let down on New Year's Eve. It seems like I should be celebrating in a more exciting or momentous way than I am, and January 1st never really feels like the beginning of anything. For me, September is when the true new year begins. Ending a summer of decadent non-scheduledness ( I can make up words when I want to) and starting a new year of school is refreshing and invigorating. I think my children inherited my OCD for they are all a little bit happier when schedules return to the house. David more than the girls (that poor kid is so OCD, I love it!)

I started teaching a new class this semester. My students are all first semester freshman and the change from last spring's class is enormous. I didn't realize how much difference a semester or two could make, but these poor kids are such a mess. They have all just left the comforting embrace of high school and home. They have moved into dorm rooms and are figuring out what it means to be "free." They are loud and anxious, sweet and obnoxious, and a whole host of other things. Most disturbingly, they think I am OLD. I just turned 29 and was feeling a little older, but these freshman have certainly confirmed it for me. Ah well, it grants me some much-needed authority in a classroom full of jumbled hormones and identities. Did I mention that I love teaching? It really is so fun and fulfilling. I love calming the stressed looks in their eyes, and watching for those "aha!" moments when a concept sinks in. I love watching them test out ideas and discover that they are free to engage with the world on their own terms.

The classes I am a student in are ok this semester. More interesting to me right now is my thesis research. I am writing on Katherine Mansfield and if you haven't read her, look her up! Her short stories are beautifully written. I am also taking a women's studies class that constantly raises themes that resonate with the questions in my heart about finding my place as a mother, a student, a wife, and a person. I enjoy this opportunity to think, reflect, and grow. Sometimes it is a little painful, sometimes wonderfully reassuring.

Dan's schedule is as busy as ever, but he is enjoying his new role as co-chief with Jon. Though his hours are long it is so nice to know that he truly loves what he is doing. I can't lie though, it will be a tremendous relief to have him finally done with this stage in our lives. Grace is growing and changing and so my role as a parent has morphed too. Up to this point I feel as if our main job has been to love them and keep them alive, suddenly there everything is getting complicated! Grace is dealing with her own complications. A few nights ago she announced unexpectedly that "Here is what we need to do. We need to find some way to help me stop thinking about scary things!" I love her willingness to tackle her problems head on! David is sweet and smart and loving school. He is such a tenderhearted little guy. Oh how I love my David. Charlotte is at a delightful stage of life. She is talking up a storm and she says the cutest and funniest things. We couldn't be more enamored with her.

So, to sum up: Life at the Brady household is good, but oh so busy. If you see dark circles under my eyes just pretend not to notice. (Unless you know some great make-up tips!) Sleep is not likely to happen in abundance soon, but that's ok because my life is full of good things.

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Donna said...

How did I miss this update?

It sounds like you are all headed in the direction you want to go. What a great blessing amidst the busyness and sleep deprivation. I envy your being back in school, really! And I know what you mean about enjoying the topics that make you think and stretch. I wish I could go back and take my Women's Studies classes now as a mother, it would be quite a different experience.

(Oh, and Mia is reading the Little House books too!)