Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mammy's Visit

Dan's mom Marilynn, or "Mammy" to the kids, came out to visit us and help with Charlotte's arrival. We had so much fun having her around. The kids love watching movies and eating popcorn with her (a staple food at Mammy's house). Dan and I even got to go out on a date. While she was here she bought an early birthday gift for the kids...their very own swingset!! They were so excited and have been on it every day since then.

Fortunately Charlotte arrived just before Marilynn had to go home. We were so glad to have her there to stay with the kids and to help them through the always difficult transition of having mom and dad gone and then bringing a new baby home. Here is Davie checking out the baby when Marilynn brought them to visit us at the hospital.

Here is Marilynn and her newest grandchild. Hooray for grandmas!! Thanks so much for all of your help...we couldn't have done it without you. She left us lots of meals in the freezer, and happy kids at home.
I have to also include a big thank you to the Taylors and Leah for watching the kids that last night and day before we got home from the hospital. Thanks guys!! What would we do without fabulous neighbors?!?


s & g said...

looks like a fun time with Grandma...the swing set looks so great, I am sure the kids love it! I still can't believe you have 3 kiddies..hope you are hanging in there and Dan gets an easy rotation soon :)..is there such a thing??

I am SOOO glad you used the name Charlotte...even if we did end up living by each other :) don't worry about it for a second!! hope all is well!! great minds think alike :) I have always loved the name David too :)

LizzyP said...

Congratulations, Heather and Dan! She's beautiful. And what fun to have Grandma around!

Starley Family said...

Yay for grandma's! Hey Heather can Nate and I get that photo of Sarah and Charlotte? We have a post all to them but are missing photos...lol, Stace

alicia said...

Congratulations! Charlotte is beautiful. I'm so glad everything went well. Gotta love Grandma's. It was a sad day when my mom left to go back home! The kids had some major withdrawl issues.

Jenny said...