Thursday, May 29, 2008

More family visits

My brother, Nate, graduated from Dental school on the 16th (Hooray for Nate!!) and so my family was out in Baltimore to celebrate with him. They made their way up to Connecticut to hang out with us for a few days and we were so glad to have them. The kids had so much fun playing with everyone.

We were especially excited to see Spencer or Uncle Fuzzy. He is leaving on his mission to Lima, Peru on June 4th. I am so glad I was able to see him before he left and that he had the chance to meet Charlotte as well. He was such a good sport, letting the kids climb all over him all weekend. We will miss you Spencer!

Davie and my Dad looking all dressed up and dapper for church. My dad too is a great sport about letting the kids climb all over him and "ride the horsey." They sure love their grandpa.

Gracie and her Aunt Holly cuddling before church. Grace sure is a cuddler and she loves to snuggle up with Holly.

Charlotte was also able to meet her Aunt Annie. Hooray for aunties.

Here is a more recent pic of little miss Charlotte. I can't believe she is two weeks old!


Amber said...

She is so so so beautiful!

Austin Family said...

What a little cutie!! I love her! You guys are the cutest! How fun that your family came out to see you! I love when family comes!! We love ya!!