Thursday, May 29, 2008

More family pictures

These go with the previous post. I just had a few more pictures that I wanted to add on. Hey, that is what happens when you have a big family.

Nate and Stacey had a baby, Sarah, a few months before Charlotte was born. Here are both of the beautiful girls with their grandpa and grandma.

Here is a picture of my Dad with Charlotte. Charlotte's middle name, Mora, is after my great-grandma, whom we call Nana. She was an amazing woman who my Dad spent a lot of time with growing up. He even lived with her at times. I can't wait for Charlotte to be old enough to hear stories about this wonderful woman for whom she was named.

How fun to have a cousin just your age!

I love this picture of Dan and Charlotte. It epitomizes the chaos that surrounded her birth. Dan was on call the night I was in labor, back at work a few hours after she was born, and scheduled to present his big research project for the year while we were still in the hospital. So whenever he wasn't at work, he would sit on our hospital room and work on his presentation. Here he is practicing giving it to me and Charlotte. Doesn't she look enthralled? Remind us never to have a baby during the first year of a residency again :)

Charlotte's first bath. She wasn't really loving it. Better luck next time.


Courtney said...

Congrats. Boy you look great!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

Oh how funny about Dan being on call and his presentation...your life is always ON CALL! Too funny! At least he wasnt in Boston! I LOVE all the pics you posted especially the one with your parents and the two girls...SO PRECIOUS!

Starley Family said...

Heather you are too cute! I love all the photos! That's what makes a blog worth looking at, right? Thanks for forwarding the darling shots of Sarah and Charlotte together. I am so excited for them to hang out. Tell Dan if Char was enthralled the whole time it must have been awesome!

Lindsay B. said...

heather - thanks for all of the pictures! charlotte is just adorable. i can't wait to meet her! (hopefully sooner than later though...when are you guys going to be in utah??)

love you!


ed and brooke said...

Congratulations! She is adorable.

Stephanie said...

Heather- Congratulations to you and Dan! I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to read sooner! Oh, she is beautiful and I love her little name. What a doll. I'm so happy that she's here and all is well. How wonderful!