Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fancy Nancy slippers from Mammy...Grace was in heaven!

Thomas slippers...David wears them every day.

David is all Thomased out. Mammy gave him a Thomas track suit as well. He is loving it. He keeps gettting out his Thomas stuff and his Thomas trains and saying, look, a match!

Dollhouse from Mammy!

Barn from Mammy!
Let me just say, the kids are in heaven with these two gems. They have played with them every day. For those of you who know about Grace's game "talkin" it is torture. Well she and Davie now play "talkin" together with the barn and dollhouse. I am so happy! I knew the day would come when she wouldn't need me to play "talkin." I KNEW it, but I couldn't FEEL it.


Live everyday to its fullest said...

HOW FUN!!!!! I can't wait to have a relxing Christmas. This year I said NO MORE TRAVELING! SORRY I cant do it anymore! I WANT RELAXATION!!!!

JoDee said...

Looks so fun! Isn't it great to do Christmas with kidlets to make everything extra magical?