Wednesday, January 07, 2009

White Christmas

We were dreaming of having a white Christmas and boy did we get it! After last year's dismal winter, we weren't expecting the deluge we recieved. Hooray for snow when there is no where to go (not so much when there are things to do.)

Look at that pile of snow out there.

Grace was worried that her house was going to get buried.

Davie getting lost in the snow.

Dan trying to dig us out.

Almost snowed in.


Starley Family said...

Ooh! Looks delish! We've just had cold rain, boring!

eddie said...

yeah for snow! we found the log in my parent garage, it was a pool toy but it didn't last long till we popped it. I almost passed out inflating it, what we do for 4 secs of cheap thrills. happy 2009