Monday, March 02, 2009

"Your being a bad mom today."

Let me just say that last week was a rough week. The kids were sick, not at the same time, but overlapping for about two weeks. Of course, that meant we were not able to go anywhere, and I think we drove each other crazy.One unfortunate day we went to run one measly errand and our car broke down. We then spent two lovely hours at the Pep Boys where the kids proceeded to scream and fight the whole time. I actually had two people comment that they never want to have kids. But you who read my blog already know that people back here don't worry about offending you when they have something they want to say...especially if it involves your kids. I, of course, proceeded to scream at the kids once we were safely back in the car. Grace then let me know what she thought of my parenting skills (see blog title). By the end of the week, these two did not like me at all (and I'm not going to lie and tell you the feeling wasn't at least a little bit mutual).

Fortunately, this one still liked me.

And so did this one.
Two out of four aint bad.


Starley Family said...

Oh and Dan and Char look so cute too! Not that Grace and Davy aren't adorable but the expression says it all. I am sorry you guys! Being sick away from family help is the worst. Pile on broken down car, public humiliation, and heart wrenching statements...not so pretty. You deserve a medal for getting through! Love ya sis and someday we can help eachother out.
Did you know our jeep broke down shortly after our conversation the other night...
At least you have a Disney trip to look forward to!

Lisa said...

Two out of four is definitely not bad!

Live everyday to its fullest said...

You are such a good Mom Heather! I am so sorry you guys have been passing nasty bugs around. We have as well and it is miserable!!!!!!!! What is this I read about a Disney trip??????FUN FUN FUN!!!!

JoDee said...

Oh all I have to say is KUDOS TO YOU for making it through. This mommy life can be rough huh? Glad you have a trip coming up - hope its super fun!