Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Goofy's Kitchen

On our last night we went to dinner at Goofy's Kitchen. The food was great and the kids had a great time meeting the character's. Except for Charlotte. She was not a fan of Minnie Mouse.

Poor baby. Minnie just wouldn't go away. It may have been the hardest I have ever heard Charlotte cry. I finally took a picture so that Minnie would leave. Maybe she couldn't hear her through those big plastic ears.

Poor David was so hungry and excited. He passed out in the waiting room and slept through the whole thing. He didn't get to eat a bite.

Grace is a big fan of Mulan. Also, she ate enough jello to make up for David not eating. You have to get your money's worth after all:)

The whole group.

Seriously, this kid was tired. He was talking about the dinner a few days after when Grace brought it up. He kept saying remember the carpet and the couch. Yep, all he saw was the waiting area.

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kristin said...

I love that David slept through the whole dinner. It's amazing what happens when kids are wiped out!