Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lunch with the Princesses

Grace lucked out and was able to meet almost all of the princesses in one fell swoop. (Lucky for me too...I think this probably saved us hours of waiting in line and we got a great lunch too.) Stacey had a ticket that they didn't end up using on their trip to Disneyland last month and so I decided to take Grace. Michelle, Megan, and Emily joined us and the girls had so much fun. I still can't believe we are indulging in this much girliness...my only consolation is that it can't last :) Megan used to be obsessed with this kind of stuff and she has moved on...I hold on to that hope.The feminist in me just can't stop being cynical about grown women in silly dresses talking in high-pitched voices. I can't help it.

Grace all dressed up and ready to go. She does look cute :)

Ariel, the hostess of the lunch.

Grace showing off the crown she was given to decorate during lunch.

The girls and Belle.

Pretty cute picture of Charlotte and Cinderella.


kristin said...

And here I am, encouraging the princess frou-frou-ness. My feminist ideals must have disappeared....

ed and brooke said...

That picture of Grace with the Tinkerbell outfit is so cute! It looks like you guys had a great time. I was rolling when I saw that picture of Charlotte and minnie. Soo funny.

Mel said...

The whole trip looked like a lot of fun. We are planning on taking the kids in 2010. And Grace looks so beautiful! You have one very good looking family.