Saturday, May 23, 2009

Charlotte's Birthday

A few days after Charlotte's birthday (a rare day when Dan was not on call) a few of our friends were kind enough to join us for a celebration of Charlotte's birth, and of course, cake.

Unlike my other two gluttons, Charlotte was not thrilled with her cake. She kind of looked at it in horror and tried to back away.

Dan tried to encourage her by putting frosting on his finger and letting her taste it. She refused. Finally, in frustration with her silly sibling, Grace jumped in and licked it off herself.

It's getting late, but the kids loved climbing in the tree.

Grace and David dug into Charlotte's neglected cake after everyone left and tried to encourage Charlotte again. They had a little more success.

But mostly it just ended up in her hair. Oh well. I am assuming she will be more into cake by next year?

Thanks for partying with us...we had fun!


Starley Family said...

Char is totally Dan's child!!!! I am sure with a little more influence from the Starley side she should be a sugar addict in no time!

Wendi and Eric said...

Charlotte is adorable, and those eyes are gorgeous. And I have total grass envy. Wherever you are, that grass looks so inviting. I wish I could roll around in it....

Heather B said...

Heather you have GOT to get that girl into baby modeling! Happy 1st birthday. That's funny that she wasn't really into her cake. Maybe she'll always be more of a healthy eater? who knows.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Charlotte! She is so cute. Can I put her on reserve now for Max please?

Jay and Jess said...

That was so cute.. i love the cake in the hair