Saturday, September 05, 2009

Visits to the Dentistt and Swim Lessons

We're finally back from our long summer soujourn to Utah, and while we had a fabulous visit, it sure does feel good to be home. So, prepare yourself for a lot of pictures in this and preceding posts. In no particular order, here was our summer vacation...

We finally got Davie to sit in the dental chair and get his teeth cleaned. He did the whole thing, even down to the flouride. Shannon did a great job working with him, and the kids had fun letting my dad and brother check out their teeth.

My parents put the kids in swim lessons for a few weeks while we were there. Grace loved it and is swimming all over like a fish.

Their cousin Katelyn also had a great time. David on the other hand is missing from the pictures because he spent the bulk of his time on the steps. We have finally found David's achilles heel. He is so not a fan of the water! He kept telling me, "That is too much water Mom, it's not good for boys."

More dental pics...we had to document for Daddy.

Gracie showing off her bright, clean smile.

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Live everyday to its fullest said...

What a fun summer you guys!!!!!! Wish we could have caught up in Utah! We were there 3 weeks before you!!!!!!!!!! WE SUCK AT meeting up!!!!!! Hopefully soon! We miss you tons! P.S. Heather your hair is so freaking long!!!!!!! I love it you look beautiful as usual!