Saturday, September 05, 2009

The triathlon that only sort-of happened

I had great triathlon plans this summer, but due to scheduling and funding conflicts :) I decided to just go for one instead of the three I had originally planned on. So I chose the Layton triathlon. It sounded fun because of it's unique format. You run bike swim, and then run bike swim again. Cool right? Well, all went according to plan for the swim, and it felt pretty good. Then about halfway through the biking portion my pedal started freezing up. I kept coasting and then pedalling and then coasting. I pulled over to figure out what was wrong when it just wouldn't pedal anymore. Some race volunteers came and looked at it as well. They told me a part had fallen off and there was no way it was getting fixed today. So, I ran the bike in for the last few miles, and took off on the first run portion. But alas, I did not get to do the repeat. It was ok, because a lot of people were just doing the first half, but still kind of dissapointing. Oh well. I think my serious triathlon days are going to have to happen when Dan and I finally finish school.

My faithful supporters. My mom and Davie. When it was over I asked Davie if he cheered, "Go Mommy Go." He said he didn't and when I asked him why not he replied "Because I didn't want Mommmy to go."

Looking like a dork as I wave at the kids.

Morning hair.

Perhaps a little too early for Charlotte.

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