Saturday, May 08, 2010

Soccer Girl

We decided to start Grace in soccer this spring, and somehow I got roped into being the coach. It's not that I don't want to coach, it's just that I am in the thick of finals and grading right now so it feels a little stressful. Nonetheless, it really has been a lot of fun and the girls are just so cute. Grace, of course, chose pink shorts and socks. She does, after all, need to look fancy at all times. The first game she was a little confused. She is such a sweet, sensitive soul. She would kick the ball to the other team and then remark to me about how well she was sharing. About mid-way through the game she asked me when it was going to be her turn to kick it. It gave me pause to reflect on how I have spent the last five years teaching her that she should share and take turns, and suddenly I am trying to teach her the opposite. I never really thought about sports in that way before...what are we doing people?!? Just kidding, I do think that Grace needs to learn a few things that playing a team sport will definitely teach her and I think she will have a lot of fun in the process. So, without further ado...

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