Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday Confusion

I don't know about your kids, but mine often come home from church just a little bit confused. I might even venture to say a little bit scarred. After Easter last year my kids were unhealthily preoccupied with death for about two months. I can only imagine what their preschool teachers must have thought. Davie's confusion today was a little less worrisome. A few hours after church he asked Dan if he had come from across the seas. Upon further query he told Dan that his teacher told him that "Fathers come from across the sea." It took Dan a few minutes to realize that David was referring to the "Book of Mormon Stories" song when "Long ago our fathers came from far across the seas." So funny. I love when things get so lost in translation.


Heather B said...

:) So cute. I love it.

JoDee said...

Love it! :) Its funny how things you don't think about come across so differently to them.

Natalie said...

So funny. David cracks us up.